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fatal error in v8::context::new

Hello, Sometimes when I'm using JavaScriptContext in a loop I get the exception "fatal error in v8::context::new". What cause of this problem it could be?

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Unable to compile in vs2008 framework 3.5

Hi, I'm trying to compile the library in visual studio 2008 with target Framework 3.5. I build v8 with the following cmd: "buildv8 ia32 vs2008 v90", and process run succesfully, but when I try to ...

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v8 function wrapper.

Hi. While working with the library I've noticed that there is no support for js callbacks in .NET code. Function objects supplied to .net code (e.g. as method arguments) are converted to empty dict...

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Load External .js files within JavascriptContext block

Hello, Is it possible to load an external script within my JavascriptContext using block? <script src='ExternalFile.js'></script> using (JavascriptContext context = new JavascriptContext()) { ...

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Binary builds linking to msvcr110.dll (VS2012 runtime)

Would be great to get some binaries that link against the VS2012 runtime libraries for those of us using Javascript .Net in mixed-mode and C++/CLI projects

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Methods with params (variable number arguments) parameter fail.

params arguments are documented here Calling a method from script in which the method's signature includes a params argument results...

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Functions have no CLR Representation

If I add an object 'console' with a 'log' method to a context with the following signature: public void log(object what){ } And then call console.log(console.log); via script, the Dictionary repr...

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Optional Method Parameters

It appears that optional method parameters are not supported properly on objects added to the context. Consider the code below: ... public void log(String what, String color = null) { } ... Call...

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Multiplatform binaries(x86+x64)

In Javascript .NET binaries I see two different versions (x86 and x64), but I need one dll for both platforms, because my project can be deployed on any. Is it possible to get it? Thanks

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An unhandled exception of type 'System.StackOverflowException' occurred in Noesis.Javascript.dll

I got this error when compile my project, could you please give me some advises? I have attached my JS file, and my codes are very simple as bellow: using (JavascriptContext context = new J...

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