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Unable to compile in vs2008 framework 3.5


Hi, I'm trying to compile the library in visual studio 2008 with target Framework 3.5.
I build v8 with the following cmd: "buildv8 ia32 vs2008 v90", and process run succesfully, but when I try to compile de vs2008 solution I got these errors:
Errore 2 fatal error LNK1181: can not open input file '....\v8\build\Release\lib\v8_base.ia32.lib' Noesis.Javascript Noesis.Javascript

(v8_base.ia32.lib doesn't exist in lib folder, there is only v8_base.lib.)

If I build V8 in vs20012 ia32 v100 I can succesfully compile Noesis.Javascript, but with 4.0 Framework.

Any suggestion?

(I have windows sdk v5.0, v6.0, v7.0a, v8.0, v8.0a - Windows 8 x64 - vs 2008 and vs 2012 )

Thanks in advance.


oliverbock wrote Oct 7, 2014 at 12:55 AM

Did you get your source code from GitHub?